April 7

The day has finally come! Slugabed's glorious Inherit The Earth LP is now available worldwide on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital formats. We're thrilled with this project both inside and out, and think you'll love it as well.

Scoot over to our webshop to check out photos of the handsome available formats (all masterfully designed by Slugabed's right-hand man and visual wizard Steve Smith), read more about the release, and of course to purchase the darn thing. Alternatively, click here to find an all-emcompassing list of online outlets where you can make Inherit The Earth yours.

March 24

The wait is finally over! Doseone and Mestizo's self-titled debut LP as A7PHA is now available worldwide. Featuring contributions from Alias, Gonjasufi, Crescent Moon & Crash of Go Dark, A7PHA is the culmination of years of radical thought and lives lived on the knife's edge.

This collaborative beast of a record is available on LP/CD/cassette/digital direct from our webshop; alternately, find a wide-reaching list of online retailers, right here.

March 1
A7PHA (Doseone & Mestizo’s recently announced supergroup… keep up!) just shared one of the Alias-produced tracks from their forthcoming self-titled LP. Listen to “HAND 2 HAND” now, and get as excited as we are for the March 24 release of this beast of a record.
Pre-order A7PHA on vinyl/CD/cassette, right here.
February 23

Doseone & Mestizo recently sat down with Magnetic Magazine to talk about their upcoming collaborative debut LP as A7PHA. Click through to get a glimpse into some the duo's influences, the inception of their new collaboration, and some of the challenges that came about along the way. Read on.

A7PHA is out March 24th. Preorder vinyl, cassette & CD formats at our webshop.

February 16
The Creators Project just premiered the amazing video for Slugabed’s "Infinite Wave,” the lead cut from his forthcoming Inherit The Earth LP.
Directed by immensely talented illustrator and animator Steve Smith, the video presents an absurd cast of real life characters in some kind of surreal graphics benchmark test, running some of the sexiest computer insides you’ve ever seen. Not unlike Slugabed’s music, the end result is equal parts amusing, modern and brilliant.
Inherit The Earth will release worldwide April 7th on vinyl, CD & cassette formats. Preorder a copy for yourself today at the Anticon Webshop.