Jel: Rare Gems Mix

August 28, 2013

Releasing his brand new LP, Late Pass, wasn't quite enough for our man Jel, who's gone on to make us an exclusive mix of jewels for the latest installment of the Anticon Podcast. Enjoy this short but sweet collection of unreleased tunes, demo songs, and more... but, of course, don't get too comfortable. Grab the mix here.


1. Paris Texas (raw drum mix) Peeping Tom
2. Gets No (cut demo for Late Pass)
3. This About The City Too (instramental)
4. Lectro T (unreleased beat)
5. Obscure (unreleased Soft Money demo)
6. 808 Rhoadz (unreleased Soft Money demo)

Jel's Late Pass is now available at our webshop. Go!