Now Available In Hooptie-Friendly Format

January 14, 2013

If you love cassette tapes nearly as much as us, then you too will be hyped that we're offering a handful of those rectangle plastic babies over at the Anticon shop. In addition to some older must-haves like The Grimm Teachaz' (Kenny Dennis & PMDF) Theres A Situation On The Homefront, or the Sanity Muffin Label Sampler (feat. contributions from Odd Nosdam), some of our latest and forthcoming releases are also getting the cassette treatment.

Fans of WHY?'s Mumps, etc. or the Sod In The Seed EP, take note that the original demo recordings from 2007 - 2011 (before the great University of North Texas' string quartet, eight-person choir, woodwind and horn contributions came into play) are available on tape, as Mumps, etc, etc. Bay Blue's self-titled debut which just released in November as vinyl/digital LP has also been pressed on cassette this month. Lastly, the highly-anticipated first Anticon release from Edinburgh-based Young Fathers, aptly-titled TAPE ONE (out Jan 22), is also available in beloved tape form.