Creature In The Classroom

by Passage

“Creature in the Classroom” is the lead single for Passage’s upcoming, self-produced full length, the Forcefield Kids. The title track, an unintentional anthem for disaffected youth, encapsulates the miserable moments of everyone’s high school years. The second track on the A-Side, “Poem to the Hospital,” creates the kind of hospital waiting room scene that could take place only in a David Lynch film. Layered with distinctive synths, rattling, distorted, low-bit drums, and sung with Passage’s signature melodious fast raps, the Creature in the Classroom 12-inch gives a sense of Passage’s genius. He blends and references hardcore, new wave, indie-pop, electro, fast rap and just about everything else.

The B-side features a bonus instrumental “Neo Geo” and an instrumental of side A’s “Poem to the Hospital.” This single is a just a taste of what’s to come on Passage’s highly anticipated, official Anticon full-length.

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