dublab presents... In The Loop: 5

by V/A

dublab’s In the Loop vinyl series continues with a new home on Anticon and fresh sounds from the most vivid music-makers around. Like the previous four installments – which have included celebrated names like Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Caribou and Prefuse 73 – this fifth chapter rightly represents a wave of pure creativity: diverse gems from a shining circle of highly-inspired minds. Put it on and set your mind to spinning sublime. The dublab non-profit radio collective and Anticon have been bumping beats and fists since the latter made its move to Los Angeles. Anticon is proud to inherit the Loop series from dublab’s previous partner, Plug Research, and looks forward to promoting a cause close to its own beating heart: boundary-pushing music, no matter what its genre or neighborhood.
Each In the Loop installment comes in two halves, naturally, and number five’s “Future Side” kicks off with tropical tones and vibrant rhythms from New Zealand’s Ruby Suns. “Kenya Dig It?” whips up a bounce and melody that’s self-propelled into the cosmos – astrologers and oracles beware! Next, dynamic young duo Teengirl Fantasy deliver “Portofino,” a pure explosion of unbridled energy. This track is like a micro-rave symphony, undulating with arpeggio and raw static. L.A. favorites Hecuba also contribute their artful magic. The beauty of “Miles Away” comes from its paced blossoming: a simple siren leads to a vocal/beat pulse that builds into a blast of laser light love. Last but not least, Tucson’ s Zackey Force Funk is a phenomenon set to blow up. His homemade grooves – a balance of raw chaos and beautiful soul – buzz stronger every day. “Bombs” is an apocalyptic lullaby set to a lost Eno tape loop. As the smoke clears all will wonder where the world was before Zackey’s arrival.


The “Roots Side” is ushered in on the polyrhythms of Lucky Dragons’ kalimba-crafted psychedelia. These L.A. wizards have found modern motion in ancient material and the world has embraced them warmly for it. “Are We Alright?” Yes, yes, yes we are. Next up, matthewdavid and OBA create musique concrète for lunar jump rope teams. Their bump-and-clank soundscape “Roomthumpr” is sure to shake speakers to a state of zero gravity. Following that, Julia Holter of the incredible Human Ear Music collective contributes “Moto Perpetuo,” an exercise in elegant minimalism filled with essences of the far east and the far out. Hers is an avant-garde gem that soaks into souls with a feel that flows. Finally, Portland’s White Rainbow sets sleeping hearts swooning with “Mind Haze Is Clear Delight,” a perfect closing tune for this collection. Its fuzz-filled drone is a miracle of weightless wonder, and ensures that after the echoes soak in, you’ll flip this loop for another listen. Dig in again!

NOTE: As with the previous volumes, In the Loop 5 features covers culled from the epic art experience, “Up Our Sleeve: the dublab covers project.” This chapter stars the sunny styles of Kyotarow Aoki and Moira Hahn.

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