Eno About The Need

by Bracken
January 2007 saw the release of Bracken'€™s Anticon debut We Know About The Need and a mere two months later, we present to you Eno About The Need.

Eno About The Need starts with the sort of ecstatic free drone experiment Bracken only hinted at as the faders were hurriedly pulled down during the most out-there moments on it'€™s predecessor. From then on in think nocturnal recordings, minimalist drones, tape loops, general clatter and hell, even the odd song here and there. The whole thing has the 'sweepings from the cutting room floor' aesthetic because, well, essentially that'€™s what it is.

But what sets this album apart from the pack is underlying idea behind it'€™s format and distribution. This record has been released on double vinyl in a worldwide edition of only one copy. The hope is that the benevolent, hip-to-the-idea interested parties will slowly but surely pass this record around the world to one another -€“ a chain album if you will, with some nightmare logistics to boot. The record will be released (sent to someone) on 12th March and then it's journey from country to country, needle to needle, begins. There is no ownership involved, no commercial considerations, you listen to it, you pass it on. Simple.  In other words, in the age of digital downloads it'€™s the world'™s most awkward, cumbersome, end-user hassling record out there today.

The record's progress around the world will be tracked through the comments section at www.myspace.com/brackenmusic. People can ask for it here also and those unfortunate enough to get involved are encouraged to modify the record's sleeve, post up a photo of it, or just generally do something stupid with it, and warned that keeping it just spoils it for everyone.

One day the hope is that it finally finds its way back home to the Bracken labs to be safely filed away and never spoken of again.


*CD out of print, available only as MP3