by Young Fathers
Young Fathers are three young men from Edinburgh and Liberia and Nigeria, all at the same time. Their journey has taken them through various incarnations and styles but they are still only in their mid 20s. And... and this is important: they’ve chosen to kill the past—their own past, even—to make their own future.
The latest track to be unveiled from their debut album, DEAD, is "GET UP". The song charges along, reversing gravity, going up whilst somehow hurtling downwards, as if Michael Jackson is pulling it backwards into the darkness even as it appears to move into the light with a deathly moonwalk.  It's 60s and 70s and all the decades up to now since R&B was rhythm and blues.  A series of huge, wobbling bass notes, a synthesized Duane Eddy riff which dominates the instrumentation, as breathless vocals gather you in.
The single does what all should, and comes with two equally brilliant B-Sides. "BETTER" is a startling mix of droning bass, chanted, incantatory raps, ominous melody and hauntingly beautiful, sung backing vocals. "OUTLAW" appears deceptively gentle in comparison; a slower paced but equally powerful closing piece to this perfectly formed release. 
"GET UP" is a beguiling, visceral masterpiece of slanted hip-hop pop, infectious both melodically and emotionally. You’ll find yourself singing it days after listening. And then you will notice the other lyrics, not just the 'get up's but the corpse at the lido, the cowboys, the body in the basement...  but by then it will be too late.