For Hero:For Fool

by Subtle

"Exiting Arm has widely been billed as Subtle's most accessible album to date, and in musical terms that's probably about right. There's still something defiantly against the grain about this band's particular spin on rock/hip hop hybrids - 'Walk This Way' it ain't. Doseone's cartoon character vocal houses some particularly indecipherable lyrics and the feel of a weird indie rap opera. Holding all this together are some particularly dense programming textures and hefty beats, at times sounding like an alternate version of Radiohead, as on 'Take To Take', which has a bit of a 'Myxomatosis' feel to it. The leftfield hip hop brouhaha stirred up by the Anticon crew back at the turn of the century soon dissipated and the various contributors to that scene went on to explore very different musical areas: Doseone's old cLOUDDEAD partner WHY? went on to become a band and started sounding a bit like Pavement, but Subtle feel like a more natural resolution of the experimentation and genre rupturing initiated back then, remaining raw and unclassifiable." -Boomkat

* this title is released by Lex Records.