The Hollows

by WHY?

WHY? thaws from the icebox with The Hollows, the lead single taken from their forthcoming soon-to-be wigsmasher, Alopecia. This latest blast of darkly tinted pop finds the Bay-based trio further realizing their distinct sound—smart, shimmering, sweetly soured—while expanding that ever-crooking subsurface smile we saw bare its teeth on 2005’s critically acclaimed Elephant Eyelash LP. For this stormy and anthemic epic, WHY?’s three main constituents—Yoni Wolf (cLOUDDEAD, Hymie’s Basement, Reaching Quiet), brother Josiah Wolf, and goodly neighbor Doug McDiarmid—are joined by a notable guest cast: Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson of Minneapolis’ Fog (who sit in for most of Alopecia), the inimitable Doseone (cLOUDDEAD, Subtle, Themselves), and sable-throated Nedelle (Kill Rock Stars, the Curtains, Cryptacize). Huzzah!

The U.S. and European editions of The Hollows each boast three exclusive B-sides. On the American 12-inch, side A is complimented by a true club contender: Dntel’s remix of the unreleased Alopecia track “By Torpedo Or Crohn’s” finds Yoni barking out his rappin’est cadence in years atop a pulsing warped synth beat that bumps in the vein of Jimmy Tamborello’s dance-crazed James Figurine material. Side B flips it indeed, and features WHY?’s friends covering WHY?’s music. Xiu Xiu offers a singularly fey and lo-fi electro take on Eyelash’s “Yoyo Bye Bye,” and Asthmatic Kitty recording artist Half- Handed Cloud closes out the set with “Pre-teen Apocalyptic Film Acting,” a tempo-jumping medley of select WHY? work.

* this record is out of print

The Hollows, WHY?