I'm Slow But I'm Sloppy

by Danielson

Anticon Records inches its gates ever wider with the limited edition 7" only release of the Danielson's "I'm Slow But I'm Sloppy" b/w "Did I Step On Your Remix." The Danielson Famile has been confounding the indie rock establishment and wooing fans of dynamic, unpredictable music since 1995's A Prayer for Every Hour. This 7" is part of a concerted Danielson attack: along with two more 7"s, one each on Kill Rock Stars and Sounds Familyre (lead singer Daniel Smith's own label), the Danielson's new album, Ships, an intensely collaborative effort featuring Sufjan Stevens, Edith Frost, and extensive work by Deerhoof, among others, will be released in April on Secretly Canadian. The 7"s A-side, "I'm Slow But I'm Sloppy," percussively produced by WHY?, is led by an insistent marimba and filled out by choral back-ups and WHY? guitarist Matt Meldon's 12 string. And Daniel adds a bit of belting to his usual vocabulary of screams and squeaks. What seems an unlikely pairing happens to make solid musical sense, and it shouldn't be so surprising: Anticon artist Yoni Wolf, the golden throat behind WHY?, is a longtime Danielson fan, and his brother Josiah Wolf, who mans the drums in WHY?, has toured with the Famile. The flipside, a remix of a Ships track, is a joyous, synth-laden call-and-response between Daniel and a choir composed of his sisters.