Naoise Ep

by Dosh

Like Dosh’s Self-Titled debut record, who’s album art was filled snapshots of his friends and family, Dosh’s second anticon release, the Naoise EP is inspired by his loved ones. It is a tribute to Dosh’s newborn boy to whom the EP is named after. The title track, “Naoise," a truly collaborative effort, initially spawned from a jel beat recorded in Dosh’s studio during a visit to Minneapolis. After Dosh tweeked the sample and assembled a song around it, it was sent to an enthusiastic odd nosdam who called in WHY? & Miss Ohio’s drummer Josiah Wolf to help out. By the time the song was finished it was again altered by Dosh, including the appearance of Dosh’s stepson Tadhg. The title track is also the lead single from Dosh’s upcoming full length, Pure Trash. Also in tribute to Dosh’s new born, Andrew Broder (AKA Fog) contributes a remix of the album version of “Rock It to the Next Episode" and Huntley Miller (AKA Cepia, Ghostly International) contributes his own distinctive interpretation of the event with his remix of “Naoise." The EP also contains two brand new, exclusive tracks and two impressive live performances of “Contractions" and “Steve the Cat." The live songs demonstrate Dosh doing what Dosh does best-- completely live and spontaneous performances with no sequencing, which is his art. Most appropriately, the EP is tied together by its artwork which was created by Dosh’s wife and Naoise’s mother, Erin. AW!

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