The No Music Of Aiffs

by Themselves

The No Music Of Aiffs is the companion piece to the duo’s September 2002 release, The No Music, which was picked as a New York Times top ten record by Neil Strauss. The original has been remixed down to its smallest intestine and back toward the light until only the order of its tracks remains intact. The record features a new themselves song along with guest remixers Controller7 and Matth, Hrvatski, WHY?, Hood, Alias, A Grape Dope (John Herndon), Fog, Odd Nosdam, the Notwist and Electric Birds. The listening experience that follows is a personality-heavy splay of the thousand threads in every of sort of human music. Twelve diverse guest artists were selected in a real life lottery from an entire globe’s worth of eligible home recordists. Each original track is reborn-- re-contextualized and translated, through a new lens, unique to each of the guest artist’s sensibilities-- from HOOD’s noisy-fuzz madness, to the bright colors of A Grape Dope’s (John Herndon’s) extremely tweaked source sounds, to the Notwist’s relentless melodic pop organism. Heard from a new perspective, the coloring, shading and textures added and/or removed by each guest forces a marriage of obscure pallets and eccentric tastes into an entirely new, several-second-long adventure. Elements that were previously nascent are now vibrant and pulsing and vice versa. If you’ve heard the no music, listening to the no music of aiffs is like remembering a song you might have heard somewhere, but this time you’re on the other side of the world and in a kitchen instead of the basement, depending on the song and the remixer. The CD is enhanced with two music videos - visual remixes of “poison pit” and “you devil you,” directed by Ravi Zupa. The No Music Of Aiffs offers an eerie and pleasantly eccentric intimacy that permeates this collage of a collage of a collage. The end result of the record is the gladdening of aging and the erosion of the everyday genres the artists involved are generally filed under, all the while maintaining a consistent bedroom-music sound. And so the moral of this record is that sometimes good music can lead to good people, or music is what friends are for... or something like that.


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