The Other Side of The Looking Glass

by Alias

The humble godfather of goth-hop and once-unsung seminal ironman of Anticon, Alias avenges the downtrodden and abused producer-rapper. Composing music from his deepest shades, this irrefutable jack of all trades drops anchor with a debut solo full length intended to serve as hiphop’s response to a Stevie Wonder record, with virtually all writing, composition, and production created by the artist himself. This collection of introspective lyrics rapped over ethereal, minor-chord drones, dark samples, and aggressive, dubbed-out drum beats was recorded in home studios between December 1998 and October 2001. The production is rainy-day contemplative and rhythmically menacing, and the mixes sound simultaneously calculated and spontaneous. As a complete record, the other side of the looking glass is serious and consistent, leaving the listener on the see through side of a two-way-mirror with a clear sense of what it is to be Alias.


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