by Doseone

Skeletonrepellent is an inspired collection of hooks, mayhem and mantras, produced entirely by Doseone. From prose to percussion, Doseone wields and reveals the fallapart then fullon production style behind his band’s subtle, themselves, and cLOUDDEAD. It is a bright hearted and layer heavy joyride, picking up where the 2005 release Ha left off, these are songs made at the speed of life. From break up ballads to twisted tunes of triumph, doseone sings each personal truth louder and more contagious than the next. Skeletonrepellent is just under an hour of everyman anthems, a showcase of human high points and error, sung over keyboard drums, perfect for headphones and the exploration of personal space. Fear not, the terms rap, rock, folk, ambient, electronic, and experimental all apply here.


Features contribution from Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade.