Your American Bonus - Buy David Odd Nosdam

by Odd Nosdam

Near perfect for the aspiring DJ, your american bonus - buy david odd nosdam is 10 american minutes in the no more wig for ohio short-attention-span collage tradition. Packed with personal references and inside jokes, side 1's quick pace jerks through four big nosdam beats constructed from his "oddest" sources yet! Consider side 2's more serious 5 minutes as david's personal reflection time, concocted with 2 "throwaway" beats and a fun-with-tape remake of DJ Andrew Broder's 'Happy Birthday Party Time' mix-tape intro. Technically a FOG remix, the FSA inspired side 2 closer is also nosdam's first, decent effort with a casio keyboard. These pieces were just too hot to be included on the no more wig for ohio LP. Limited to 1000 (hand numbered by the artist). Includes a special, side 1 appearance by CA's own, "The Governator."